Professional editing services for any writing purposes

Should you need professional write my essay help you can contact We provide our clients with professional English proofreading and editing services of the highest level. It doesn’t matter whether you need verification of academic, business, creative, or another professional type of writing. We can assure that we will assign the most appropriate experts to work on your texts.  Thus, your writing will be perfectly edited for submission, whatever its purpose is.

How exactly we edit writing papers

When you order professional editing services at, you will get back the text cleared from grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes and misprints. If you stipulated it in your order our experts would also clean the text from any redundancies, overall wordiness, and inappropriate words. They will improve your vocabulary and edit problem sentences. Rearrangement of sentences and paragraphs with the purpose to improve readability is also possible in case if it was required beforehand. If you didn’t order to make profound editing of the writing but asked only for surface corrections our editors will contact you to describe general fallbacks they found and discuss the possibility of their profound corrections. It is the policy of our company to respect the writer’s narration style and we never make such profound text revisions without client’s agreement.


What kind of text we edit and why you really need it

As it has already been said, we work with various types of texts, academic, business, creative or any other. We take into consideration any individual requirements and try to satisfy all the clients’ needs in the most appropriate way, with attention to all the peculiarities.

Academic editing services of deal with various kinds of writing, such as essays, reviews, biographies, business plans, projects, creative writing, presentations and others. Our well-qualified writers will correct any mistakes whether they are of syntax, lexical or grammar origin. If you don’t know how to arrange correctly citations and
references, we will also help you. We work with any standards accepted in English-speaking countries, such as APA, CSE, MLA, Chicago and many others. Our professional editing services will improve your writing until it becomes completely perfect so that you could submit it right away.

Our professional editing services also include work with business documents.  Greeneditor’s experts will edit your e-mail to important partners, your annual reports, memos, resumes, etc. Thus, if you work with documents but don’t feel strong enough in official or business style then you can easily order our services and we will make your documents professional, informative, laconic and readable.

The style of your business documents tells a lot about your company’s level, so when it comes to the documents which can be seen by outside people, whether these are your partners or clients, it is very important for the company’s reputation to operate with neat and precisely elaborated documents only. It becomes of even vital importance if your target audience or those who can see the documents include potential partners or clients. If they see disorderly composed documents, letters, or anything else, they will hardly have positive attitude to your company and most probably will not be eager to deal with it. On the contrary, if they see professionally composed documents, prepared with attention to details, they will regard your company as a serious one, with attentive managers employed and will be positively minded to cooperation. Thus, with the help of professional editing services you can improve your business efficiency.

Should you need professional editing services for creative purposes we are also here ready to help you. If you are an experienced writer, then you already know that any piece of writing, whether it is a story, a play, a novel, or any other prose, should be verified by a professional proofreader and editor before you show it to your agent or publisher. If the text is edited before they read it, we may assure you that they will assess it with much higher grade and will work with it much more effectively. But even if you missed this stage, you will anyway need editing before publication, this is inevitable. So our experts, dealing with creative writing, are ready to verify your text for any minor errors, as you simply cannot let yourself publish your work with misprints or embarrassing mistakes, lexical, grammar or punctuation.

Professional writers, journalists, academics, scientists, managers and numerous other experts, working with any kind of texts in English, choose for its best professional editing services. Why don’t you join them? High-quality services, at reasonable prices are guaranteed. Feel free to contact us for any questions via chat, telephone or e-mail. Our support service is working around the clock for you.