It doesn’t matter what kind of writing you have been working on for years. It is ready and this is a precious moment for you – your long work is finished at last and all you really want now is to send it directly to your publishers. But you shouldn’t hurry up. Whatever kind of work you have in your arms – memoirs, novel or any other writing- it requires polishing before your agents or publishers read it. Unfortunately, many people think that they can manage without professional editing and consider this service as a waste of time and money. They also often avoid professional editing as they don’t know whether their writing will be published and don’t want to bear extra costs. But if you look at this issue from another point of view you will see that book editing services can improve the text considerably and thus it will produce much better impression on its first readers. Professional proofreaders and editors correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and other mistakes and they also verify the text for readability and credibility and if necessary they correct the text to improve this quality. Of course, everything is done only with the writer’s agreement. So, in the long run, it may often happen that non-edited writing can be not accepted for publication due to unclear sentences, etc., and the same text, but already edited – is accepted.

Who your perfect editor is

Another real challenge for a writer who already understood the book editing services are absolutely necessary is to find a really good professional. This person should be native English speaker with perfect knowledge in linguistic and communication sciences. And, moreover, rich background knowledge and literary taste are also obligatory qualities for this person, as well as a particular knowledge related to your writing contents is also highly desirable. Finding a person with experience in working with the genre of your book will be the precious advantage as in this case a good expert is able to make your writing even more brilliant without any removal from your personal writing style. It must seem to you now that this is impossible to find such person. But we will contradict. If you find a reliable company providing book editing services you can say that you have managed.

cta-2 provides book editing services of the highest level, just as you need. We have a great number of editors with whom we cooperate and we will be able to assign verification of your writing to the most suitable editor. It doesn’t matter if you work in fiction, historical information or any other genre we will be able to find an editor for you who will be personally interested in editing your book and deliver valuable pieces of expert advice and corrections to polish your work till it becomes perfect. We are a really well-experienced company in such kind of work and you may be surprised how many writers with famous names entrust our editors their manuscripts before sending them to publishers.

We have held a little marketing research among companies providing editing services. It proved that major part of companies charge much higher prices for editing services. Moreover, the consistent pattern was that the higher price is charged for editing that the company provides the more time it requires for this editing and the more inferior results it represents when returning the edited writing to you. Our policy, on the contrary, involves reasonable prices, high pace of work and perfect results.

Thus, if you need reliable and dedicated editors for working with your writing contact us in any convenient way: via telephone, e-mail or chat. We will figure out all the requirements and our editors will start working, feeling proud of working with your manuscript.